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Elixir of Youth ~ Marigold black tea

Elixir of Youth ~ Marigold black tea

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Organic black tea blend with anti-aging benefits | 30 servings (40 grams)

The champagne of teas - Darjeeling loose leaf black tea belonging to the first flush season blended with the flower of youth - marigold and enhanced by hints of mint & basil. This elixir of youth has a complex but delicate flavor profile and is an ideal brew to transform your skincare regime.

Ingredients: Organic Darjeeling black tea, marigold petals, mint leaves, basil.

Why we recommend it?
- Improves skin health
- Rich in antioxidants
- Boosts cardiovascular health
- Excellent detox

The perfect brew: Boil 150 ml of water at 85° C. Add water over 2 tsp of tea leaves & steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain, sip & relax.

Best time for sipping: A perfect tea for morning & noon.

Storage instructions: Store in a cool & dry place. Away from heat & humidity.

Shipping: 5-7 days of placing the order.

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