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Welcome to the Ultimate Tea Quiz, where you may find the ideal tea to suit your palate. We recognize that selecting the ideal tea can be difficult given the huge variety we offer. We made this interactive and enjoyable quiz to assist you in choosing between herbal, black, white, or green tea for that reason.

Let's get started and see which tea best suits you!

Which tea flavor do you like best?
A) Sweet and floral
B) Bold and powerful
C) Fresh and light
D) Earthy and grassy

Which type of tea do you prefer—caffeinated or not?
A) Non-caffeinated
B) Caffeine-containing
C) Slightly caffeine-containing
D) Doesn't matter

When do you often consume tea during the day?
A) Morning
B) Noon
C) Evening
D) Anytime of the day

Which aroma best appeals to you?
A) Floral and delicious scent
B) A bold spicy flavor
C) A light, refreshing flavor
D) An earthy/ woodsy flavor

How is your tea sweetened?
A) I don't sweeten my tea
B) I use honey
C) I add a tsp of sugar
D) I use artificial sweetners

What health advantages are you looking for in your tea?
A) A boost to the immune system
B) Relaxation and stress relief
C) Antioxidants and help for digestion
D) An increase in energy, and mental clarity

Now let's add together your responses to determine your ideal cup of tea: 

Herbal tea: Mainly As
For individuals who enjoy sweet and floral flavors, herbal tea is ideal. Herbal teas are caffeine-free and can be brewed with boiling water for a short period of time to enjoy any time of day. You can opt for our Herb Basket tea or choose the Mood Fixer tea blend, both these teas are floral, delicious, caffeine-free & packed with health benefits

Black Tea: Mainly B's
Black tea is your match if you want flavors that are potent and powerful. For people who require a caffeine boost in the morning or afternoon, black tea is ideal because it is brewed with longer simmering water. Our Darjeeling black tea blends like Symphony of Spices, Elixir of Youth & The Coral Glow would make the perfect teas for you.

Green Tea: Mainly C's
Green tea is the ideal combination for those who like flavors that are delicate and energizing. Green tea is renowned for its strong antioxidant content and digestive help when brewed with cooler water for a shorter period of time. If you love green teas you must try our Kashmiri Kahwah, Darjeeling green tea or our Hibiscus Haven tea.

White tea - Mainly D's
White tea is the ideal choice if you want flavors that are earthy and green. White tea has a delicate flavor and scent when steeped in water for a longer period of time, making it ideal for sipping at any time. The White Fusion, Mild Tranquilizer & Tale of Two teas are some of our White tea based teas and each one has its own special health advantages, including better skin health, and assistance with weight loss.

There you have it, everyone! We sincerely hope that this interactive tea quiz has assisted you in selecting the ideal tea.


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